Ana Lisa Alvarez


I want my art, film, and podcast to capture the love that I have for my family, my community, and my people. I love uplifting others to reach their dreams. I want every aspiring artist, business owner, or immigrant to achieve all of their goals. My parents have been the anchors of my success and I am so empowered and motivated by their drive. I hope to encompass heritage, community, and the power of a family bond in my work.

Ana Lisa Alvarez
La Esquinita 2003

La Esquinita 2003

Con Papá en 1998

“Con Papá en 1998”

With Dad in 1998

Para Un Futuro Mejor 2004

Para un futuro mejor 2004

About the Artist

Ana Lisa Alvarez is a first-generation college graduate and a proud daughter of an immigrant. She currently works in Southwest Detroit, in the same community where she was born and has lived her entire life. She received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the College of Business at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Ana Lisa’s parents have owned a small business in Detroit for over 20 years and she hopes to one day follow their footsteps and have her own business. Ana Lisa is a passionate feminist and an active advocate for social change. She has 10 years of experience in fighting for social justice and wants others to feel empowered to create change.

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