Brianna Bryant


“I hope my work creates space, time, and attention for black and brown girls to see themselves as unapologetically themselves. Together we should continue to feel confident blooming and showing up as ourselves. Far too often there are not enough spaces and opportunities filled with girls who look and speak like us. The five subjects in this work are first generation students, founders, creatives, entrepreneurs, and so much more. The videography also acknowledges the females who have come before us, such as our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, or family friends. This expression comes through the medium of photography, digital art, and videography.”


This artist has recorded audio descriptions for accessibility and enjoyment, which are found below each image.

About the Artist

Brianna Bryant is a passionate first-generation student that attends the University of Michigan-Dearborn, studying Human Centered Engineering Design and Applied Arts. She was raised in the heart of Detroit Michigan and embodies the same resilience, creative spunk, and work ethic as her community. Bryant is a multimedia artist that has created pieces in photography, videography, 3D fiber/textiles, and paintings. She currently works with Shifting Urban Narratives as a Film Fellow and Modern Ancient Brown Foundation as an Art Resident.