Dalin Roblero


“As Detroiters we are often stereotyped because of what the media chooses to display about our city. In reality there will always be more to a person or city than we are led to believe. Yes, our past might not be pretty, but if anything what we have lived through has given us the strength to fight for what we want and prosper, just like the city of Detroit. It is not only an honor to have my work showcased but I hope that it will be enough to show us and this city in a new light, as people who are healing, fighting, learning, exploring, and most of all, finally letting their voices be heard.”

Daylin Roblero

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About the Artist

Dalin N. Roblero is a 20 year-old, first generation Latina. Currently she is attending Michigan State University in pursuit of a History and Philosophy of Science degree, a Chicano/Latino Studies minor, along with completing prerequisites that will allow her to pursue  a career in the medical field. She was born and raised in Detroit and through her love for her city she has found her voice in order to advocate for those whose voices are not often heard.