Lilyan Zebib


My work was crafted for viewers like myself who are working to combat their own bias in order to see the world from different perspectives. Same as I have been doing my entire life, I want viewers to step outside of their understanding of the culture of others and reflect on why they may feel this way and how far they may be from the truth. Challenge your mindset, and reach out to people and communities you may not know very well. You will open a gateway to building a collective world.

Lilyan Zebib


Overgrown Road

Everything is going to be ok

About the Artist

Lilyan Zebib is a driven minority advocate at the University Of Michigan studying Business at the Stephen M. Ross school of business. As an Arab-American she was raised in Dearborn, Michigan where she faced cultural endeavors that led her to the goal of sharing her culture while learning about that of others in order to reduce bias and challenge mindsets. She currently is working as a research assistant to grow her understanding of consumer behavior and psychology.