Michael Joseph


“In my photos, and in my video, I wanted to capture the essence of rawness and realness. As I was writing, and thinking about my project I had to ask myself what narrative did I want to change? For me it was the narrative about me. I am 6’4, 260 plus black man, I am sure that right away people make assumptions about me. The problem with that is, you don’t know me to make an assumption. I am more than what you may think. So therefore, hopefully in my pictures, and my film segment, you can take one small step into me and mind and view me as an individual, and not as some foreign unrelatable individual or object. We all know the saying ‘Everybody has a story’ well this is true, and I am not and you are not exempt from that phrase. So I encourage us all to seek a deeper understanding of the individual you might judge prematurely, because everybody has more to them than what you initially assume.”

Michael Joseph

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About the Artist

Michael Joseph is a 23 year old native detroiter. Michael has always felt a deep connection to the arts. Through acting, dancing, singing, writing, directing, he has found joy within the world and his purpose. Michael is currently attending Wayne State University, and is currently studying theater. Michael continues to utilize his creative skills in the work he engages with on campus. Michael is grateful to the group Freedom Players, a Wayne State University social justice theater ensemble. This group continues to challenge him consciously and artistically which helps him grow into a better individual. It is Michael’s firm belief that theater should be used as a means of social justice. Michael has aspirations to become a director, as well as a leader in the Detroit community.