Nia Barnes


I would say my work is very unorthodox and soft. I purposely made it ‘boring’ so people can really hear what my subjects were saying. I was really focused on queer and trans-black people in Detroit and what that looks like through their lenses. All 4 of my subjects are from the program AfroFuture Youth.”

Nia Barnes
La Esquinita 2003

High School Journal

Para Un Futuro Mejor 2004

In Her Room

Con Papá en 1998

Detroit OG

About the Artist

Nia Barnes is a fiery artist that attends Oakland Community College and she is studying fine arts. She is also an artist of mediums such as film, fashion, and music. She spent some of her childhood and teen years in Detroit. She is one of the 11 members of Shifting Urban Narratives.

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