Are you inspired by our youth?


  • Volunteer and offer resources to youth programs in the city.
  • Come and learn more about different neighborhoods in Detroit beyond the Downtown and Midtown areas.
  • Support minority-, women-, and LGBTQ-owned businesses.
  • Capture the stories of individuals and communities in Detroit that have received less attention.
  • Share their stories widely and publicly through conventional and digital media.
  • Use your sphere of influence to challenge and shift problematic narratives about Detroit.
Elucidation - There is a recording of the artist describing the image below. This picture shows the renaissance center from another angle but a young man uplifting it. My intentions of this was not only to look at Detroit in a new light but to see that the reason that Detroit is shifting and evolving is thanks to the youth of today who are on the front lines taking action not only within the city but outside as well.

“Powerful” by Michelle Perez